Chakras and Crystal Healing

Join in for an exciting, 20 video series about Chakras and Crystal Healing! I’ll be reviewing 9 different Chakras, how imbalance manifests in your life and which gemstones will help bring your energetic system back into balance! Each chakra will receive an in-depth instructional video, followed by a guided meditation video, and you’ll have access to a private Facebook Group to discuss the information and your experiences!

In this Course you will learn:

  • The emotional domain for each Chakra
  • The symptoms of blocked and overactive chakras
  • Which crystals can support chakra health and balancing
  • A guided crystal meditation to help you gain insight into each chakra

You will receive:

  • 10 in-depth Chakra Videos
  • 10 Crystal Chakra guided meditations
  • Course Completion Certificate

The contents of this course are available Free on YouTube, but I have also compiled it here as an Online Course for those who would like to achieve Certificate Credit for watching the entire series. The cost of the Completion Certificate is $10 which is paid upon enrollment in this course. You can, of course, continue to watch all of the videos free on YouTube if you do not want a completion certificate.

Chakras and Crystal Healing Facebook Group:

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“Shannon Marie thank you so much my dear! I just started meditating 7 months ago, and started learning about my chakras and each crystal that helps balance it a couple months ago. This 20 videos series I just discovered is an absolute GEM of GEMs! Wow, Thank you so much for this offering and for teaching us so kindly. I love your expertise in the subject and I am truly enjoying your channel. Just wanted to tell you how much I truly appreciate you holding this space for us and for your amazing videos. I am wearing a different crystal each day for each chakra (Monday-Friday one for each). It’s so fun and healing to learn about this.” – Talal T.