Reiki Business Practices

Even at the start of your Reiki journey, you may have been considering becoming a Reiki professional. By that I mean, accepting Reiki clients and charging a fee. Some come to Reiki purely for their own healing process. Others are curious about how they can utilize Reiki for family, friends, and pets. Some seek Reiki as a spiritual path. However, Reiki can also be a source of income and a way you can offer healing and peace to the world.

Over the years of teaching Reiki, many people have asked me, “Where do I even begin?” “What permits do I need?” “Which forms do I need?” “Should I join a Reiki association?” I decided to answer all those questions, and MORE!

This Reiki Business Practices Course contains everything you need to start your Reiki Business from scratch! This package includes:

  • 23 page Reiki Business Practices E-Book
  • 5 Editable Reiki Business Form Templates (2 Intake Forms, Informed Consent, Billing Authorization, Post-Session Notes)
  • Reiki Session Pricing Worksheet

**NOTE – This is NOT a video course like my other Reiki offerings. This is a digital bundle to guide you through building your business. You will be able to download the entire bundle from the Materials tab of Module 1.