About Shannon

Gemstones are Shannon’s life passion! She has had a life-long love affair with stones and crystals of all shapes and forms. Shannon’s family would visit the Oregon Coast every weekend and would bring home buckets of stones to tumble. They would also collect “thunder eggs” in the Oregon desert. Over the years, the collecting and gathering never ceased. Shannon now offers education on how to incorporate gemstones into a meditation practice to inspire lasting life transformation.  

Shannon’s Training & Experience:

What People Say

I really enjoy your guided meditations! You use exactly the right tempo and tone and the perfect amount of time, to become relaxed and stay aware. I feel rejuvenated and really UPLIFTED each time. I also find GREAT INNER JOY knowing that I pick most of my crystals for their “energy signature” and then learning the deeper meanings and qualities I realize how I am really being GUIDED in my choices of “crystal friends”. Thank you for this GREAT ADVENTURE into the Crystal Kingdom Shannon! 💙

Kavannah Light

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