Crystal Wisdom: Unearthing the Power of Gemstones for Positive Life Change

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Using Crystals to Access Inner Wisdom has Never Been Easier!

Are you attracted to the idea of working with gemstone and crystal energy, but still wonder how to use them for real, lasting change? This Crystal Wisdom book will show you everything you need to know to develop a meaningful practice with gemstones that actively helps you improve the quality of your life. The answers you seek are already within you and crystals can help you access the truth of your own wisdom.  Author Shannon Marie, Certified Professional Gemologist with a Master’s in Transpersonal Psychology, will guide you step-by-step to confidently cultivate a customized crystal wisdom practice that perfectly supports you in your current life challenges. 

Whether you’re brand new to gemstones and crystals, or have been working with them for years, inside these pages you’ll learn how to:

  • Confidently choose and care for  just the right crystals and gemstones for your specific life situations 
  • Design daily and spontaneous gemstone meditations to help you tap into your own Inner Wisdom.
  • Start using your crystal collection in a meaningful way to make positive  change in your life.
  • Respond  mindfully and intentionally to daily life situations and emotions. 

Allow Shannon to guide you through the beautiful world of crystals and help you start accessing the wisdom within!

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Supplemental Resources

Identifying Your Guardian Gemstones Worksheet

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Reader Praise!

Crystal Wisdom is an excellent book that is a must have for any crystal enthusiast! If you are new to crystals, then this book will be the perfect companion for your learning journey. Shannon has beautifully curated a step by step guide to take you through the entire process from buying your crystals to working with them and caring and building your relationship with them. It is informative and easy to understand with warm dialogue that gives a much more personal feel than your regular textbook. A book that you can easily dip in and out of when needed, and one that I will definitely be referring back to as my crystal journey develops!

– Natalie L.

Crystal Wisdom is warm and inviting, Like comfort food for the soul. This book is so easy to read. Shannon is straight to the point and explains everything completely and thoroughly. I really enjoyed this book! I can see myself referring back to it again and again.

– Laura T.

Crystal Wisdom is the right book for the crystal enthusiast who wants to connect more deeply with gemstones and make positive changes in their life but isn’t sure exactly how to go about it. Shannon details a specific process that one can follow and master. The phrase “practical magic” comes to mind—you will learn how to apply crystal wisdom to the challenges you encounter in your everyday life. The importance of one’s own inner knowing and intuition is emphasized—the power doesn’t come from outside ourselves; it comes from within. Shannon combines a mindfulness meditation approach with tips on selecting the gemstones whose properties are supportive of our highest good. You’ll feel inspired and excited to determine which gemstones you want to add to your guardian crystal team and what life situations you want to focus on. Crystal Wisdom doesn’t replace other crystal books (the majority of which focus on properties) but it complements them by offering a framework in which to reap the crystals’ benefits. Shannon doesn’t promise quick fixes or overnight change. With Crystal Wisdom you will only reap what you sow, but the possibilities are limitless.

– Heidi T.

Crystal Wisdom is the best book on crystals on there now. It’s super easy to understand and Shannon puts everything in steps for you. She teaches you about buying, caring, storing and even how to work with your crystals. My favorite part was reading the guardian stones. I hope to be able to teach people about theirs as well. You will not find a better book than this. This is a book you can read and read again. It is a must have in everyone’s collection!

– Shannon S.

As someone with a fairly new collection of crystals, I found Crystal Wisdom to be just what I needed. It takes you through the process, step-by-step, from picking out your gems and caring for them, to exactly how to work with them. I loved the journaling suggestions; and the info about astrology, numerology and the FAQ were all very helpful. I will be referring to this book again and again.

– Laura T.

I love how unique this books is! It’s different from your typical crystal healing books. This book guides you on what to do and how to work with crystals/gemstones.

– Marissa K.

I just finished reading Crystal Wisdom and was fascinated from the beginning of how your Gemstone Journey evolved. How following your intuition kept leading you to where you are today. I feel you aren’t even close to being done with your journey! Next, I felt inspired to learn how gemstones don’t do the work for you but empower you to heal yourself, see your truth, and to use your inner guidance by giving space through awareness and intention. Lastly, I found identifying life situations and the guardian gemstones that help with these situations soothing to my soul. Inviting me to be honest with myself, love myself, and give me courage to do the work. While I am almost certain there may be a morning I will miss sitting with myself, my crystal and my journal I also know that this will be okay. Thoroughly enjoyed Crystal Wisdom and I am certain I will return to it often.

– Carolyn G.

This book has been so enlightening. Not only does she help you in having a better understanding of gemstones but this book goes into great detail about how to pick out gemstones and in starting a daily routine that will help you in creating a more positive outlook on life and it’s challenges. I would highly recommend this book to novice and experienced gem enthusiast in fact even those who don’t know about gemstones at all and are looking for a help in finding balance in there life. I am so thankful for the peace that I have already received in applying the book to my life.

– Sue G.

An absolute must for anyone interested in crystal work! Shannon has been my go to gal for all crystal related questions and now she has put that wisdom into an easy to read book! Crystal Wisdom is a great book for selecting and using crystals in different areas of your daily life! I highly recommend this to anyone who is interested in learning about crystals or even furthering their knowledge!

– Alicia H.

I love the experience of reading Crystal Wisdom by Shannon Marie. She is a talented writer and an amazing teacher. I am confident I can be a better me and improve my life with the help of crystals. I finally found a book that teaches in a practical way how to use the wisdom of the crystals to help me deal with my life situations.

– Julia M.

Well thought out organized educational. Shannon does an excellent job explaining things while keeping it interesting. Really enjoyed learning more about crystal and how to use them correctly definitely recommend giving this book a try.

– Troy G.