Reiki Business Forms

Are you researching how to start your own Reiki business? Are you unsure which forms you need to provide a client for each session? This e-Book Course will provide you with the information you need to create your business from scratch AND provide all the Reiki Business Form templates you need to get started. Just add your own business information and the forms are ready for use.

Starting a Reiki Business

Even at the start of your Reiki journey, you may have been considering becoming a Reiki professional. By that I mean, accepting Reiki clients and charging a fee. Some come to Reiki purely for their own healing process. Others are curious about how they can utilize Reiki for family, friends, and pets. Some seek Reiki as a spiritual path. However, Reiki can also be a source of income and a way you can offer healing and peace to the world.

Over the years of teaching Reiki, many people have asked me, “Where do I even begin?” “What permits do I need?” “Which forms do I need?” “Should I join a Reiki association?” I decided to answer all those questions, and MORE!

This Reiki Business Practices Course contains everything you need to start your Reiki Business from scratch! This package includes:

  • 23 page Reiki Business Practices E-Book
  • 5 Editable Reiki Business Form Templates (2 Intake Forms, Informed Consent, Billing Authorization, Post-Session Notes)
  • Reiki Session Pricing Worksheet

Reiki Business Forms Included

  • 2 Intake Forms – Collect all the information you need from the client to begin your sessions
  • Informed Consent – Ensure your client is aware of what the session will involve, knows the information shared is confidential, and they give consent for the treatment
  • Billing Authorization – Collect billing information from your client
  • Post-Session Notes – Record notes about your session to create treatment plans for your client and to help you review before your next client session

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