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Crystal Practice for Energy Protection

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This Crystal Practice for Energy Protection Workshop is designed to help you use crystals to clear, heal and strengthen your energy field, channels and aura. Using these meditations and practices you should greatly improve the health and wellness of your energetic body and overall well-being. I introduce you to the the gemstones that can support you and through multiple meditation practices to help you strengthen your energy.

In this workshop we will talk about:

  • Our energetic body and the important of energetic health
  • The gemstones you can use to heal, strengthen and protect your energy
  • A 15 minute guided crystal meditation to erect energetic protection
  • Quick 1-2 minute spontaneous crystal practices to help you during the day when you need protection

This workshop includes:

  • 3 Videos including Guided Meditations
  • A printable Crystal Practice for Energy Protection worksheet
  • 50 Minutes of videos to help you set up and maintain practices that will help you protect yourself in any negative environment, right now.

These practices are designed for two intentions. First, to strengthen, heal and protect your energy body. The energy body can be unbalanced, take damage, have leaks and be left in a state that leaves us feeling exhausted, scattered, and vulnerable. A strong energy body protects us by holding our energy within for our own vitality, keeps the energy flowing properly, and protects us from the influence of others’ energy on our own.

Second, to protect you when you are feeling unsafe or overwhelmed by the energy of another person or environment. If you live or work in a toxic environment, the negative energy of the place can accumulate within your energy field causing attachments that leech your energy, affect your mood and leaving you feeling vulnerable. Luckily, you can protect yourself in negative environments – because sometimes they can’t be avoided, but you can safeguard your personal energy.

For more information about Spontaneous Practices, read my book Crystal Wisdom: Unearthing the Power of Gemstones for Positive Life Change

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**Disclaimer: Crystal meditations should NOT take the place of medical, therapeutic, and psychological care. These are a supplement to active treatment. If you feel physically unsafe in your environment – reach out for help!

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Posted 1 week ago
Awesome as always

Great class. Interesting, fun, professional.

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Posted 8 months ago
Excellent Course and very affordable. I plant in taking more courses from Shannon in the near future !!

Very informative and well taught !!

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Posted 11 months ago
Insightful, Insightful and Inspiring!

Appreciate that there is no fluff or gap fillers. Shannon does an amazing job explaining the earth’s energy and how one can work with crystals to not only deflect negative energy, but to continuously shield negative energy from entering our lives. There are times when I feel as if my energy is being sucked out of me so I will definitely take advantage of the guided meditation practices she shared!

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Posted 11 months ago
Fantastic course on protecting your energy!

I really enjoyed this course! Shannon guides you step by step what the course will focus on and what crystal, and description of the crystal properties. Everything is explained clearly that even if you are a beginner you will not have confusion on the material she goes over. The 15 min meditation is perfect for me before I start my day and am able to begin my day with positive intentions.

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Posted 12 months ago
Protective and Relaxing!

Very informative and inclusive for people who cannot visualize very well. I was drawn in within the first few minutes during the meditation and could visualize with ease. I have a hard time focusing and concentrating for very long periods of time due to ADHD, yet I could draw myself back in, and I felt the energy flow from my roots throughout my body. Overall amazing course! Would recommend!

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