Reiki Level 2 Certification

Reiki Level 2 Certification

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Enroll in this online, on-demand Reiki Level 2 Certification course to learn how you can improve your health and wellness with Reiki energy! Reiki practice is a powerful way of working with energy to bring balance, health and wellness to your life. It allows you to channel healing energy to yourself and others to recover from injuries, illnesses, and emotional wounds. It uplifts emotions, moods, physical energy levels, intuitive practices and the energy of the environment around us. Reiki is a simple practice to learn that can open up immense opportunities for personal healing, working with clients and bringing wellness to your loved ones.

**Completion of Reiki Level 1 is a Prerequisite before purchasing Reiki Level 2

This course is the 2nd course in a 5-course Certification path in Reiki Healing. In this Reiki Level 2 Certification course you will learn:

  • The Reiki Symbols – How to pronounce and draw them, and the situations in which you would use them
  • Distance Healing – How to connect to and perform Reiki Healing that is not bound by time or distance
  • Reiki Intuition – Continue to learn how to awaken and strengthen your intuitive healing abilities
  • Reiki Kotodama – How to incorporate sacred Reiki sounds into your practice

You will receive:

  • Complete Reiki Level 2 course manual PDF
  • Reiki Level 2 Attunement
  • 15 videos that include instructions, an attunement, meditation, self-healing treatment, and demos
  • 4 Opportunities to reflect on your experience, ask Shannon questions, and receive a personal response
  • Reiki Level 2 Completion Certificate (this will enable you to proceed to Reiki Master with myself or many other teachers)

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Posted 22 hours ago
The beautiful Reiki energy

Shannon is a knowledgable instructor plus a kind and supportive teacher of this sensitive, intuitive art/science. I have learned so much in this course! My Reiki sensitivity heightened - I use all three attunements everyday and in every day life. Shannon said to expect magic to happen —we get confirmations and synchronicities daily. This video based instruction allows for continuous learning.

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Alexandra Goodwin
Posted 1 day ago
Excellent course!

Learning how to do distance healing has been incredibly rewarding. I send Reiki to my family and friends on a daily basis and the healing that they have received is profound. I am so grateful to have found this course and grateful to Shannon for her wisdom and her words and the passion to teach this gift to others. I cannot recommend this course enough. Thank you Shannon!

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Iris Kolokoltsov
Posted 4 weeks ago
Excellent learning experience!

Highly recommendable course programm further developing the understanding and experience of the Reiki Healing wisdom and concept. Shannon's teaching style is engaging and enjoyable, and the accompanying mannual provides a wealth of additional informative material. This is a wonderful course for everybody who wants to bring their knowledge of Reiki Healing techniques to a further level.

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