The Crystal Wisdom of Colors: Unveiling the Healing Power of Gemstones

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Are you drawn to certain crystal colors during different periods of your life? That’s your inner wisdom at work. Ready to bring it to a whole other level?

Life takes us through regular ups and downs. As we experience these stages, did you know it’s common to be attracted to and find comfort in certain colors? The colors you choose—in life, and in your crystal collection—are deeply personal messages from your Inner Guide, and reveal what you need more of in life—at that moment.

What if you could use your intuition to not just identify your color preferences, but actually harness the wisdom of crystal colors to tap into inner guidance, answers and insight?

That’s the treasure available within The Crystal Wisdom of Colors, the eagerly awaited follow-up to Crystal Wisdom, by Shannon Marie. In this groundbreaking book, you’ll learn:

  • To identify the colors you’re attracted to right now—and why
  • The powerful influence colors have on your heart, mind, body and spirit
  • How to use your crystal collection to generate practical, measurable life benefits
  • The 13 distinct crystal-color families and their life-affirming properties
  • How to choose the ideal gemstones to support your personal growth and inner healing
  • Meditation practices to access color wisdom for specific life situations

Ready to use your gemstones to strengthen your intuitive abilities and tap into your inner wisdom? CWOC can help you unleash the power of your crystal collection to drive powerful, positive and enduring changes in all “facets” of your life!

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Reader Praise!

I love how insightful the thought process is throughout each chapter. It was completely relatable sparking, not only my interest, but also the desire to recap my journey through colors, and how they related to where I was in those moments during my life! Everything matched up just as explained in this very intuitive, yet easy to read book!

– Janelle N.

I love how Shannon goes in depth on how color theory plays a very important role with crystals. It covers areas like how different colored crystals affect us physically, emotionally, and spiritually. We learn how to take that knowledge and apply it into practice in our everyday lives. Aesthetics, self-expression, healing, and spell work, just to name a few ideas of ways one can use Crystal Color Wisdom in their life.

– Marissa K.

Once again, Shannon shines beautifully with this book. I knew that crystals had different color groups and that those color represented different things; however, the depth that she goes into explaining how colors affect and represent our everyday lives is amazing! Such a wonderful read and highly recommended for anyone starting or wanting to dive deeper into their knowledge of crystals and their colors.

– Yesenia R.

Crystal Wisdom of Colour, the second book in the Crystal Wisdom series, is just as insightful & enlightening as the first! It provides the reader with all the tools and information they need to understand the role that colour plays in their life as well as developing their relationship with the crystals and colours they are drawn to. Each colour has its own dedicated chapter which makes for easy navigation,and will be great to refer back to during your crystal wisdom journey. With the journal prompts and step by step guide to crystal meditation, this book has definitely inspired me to live more mindfully and incorporate crystal colour wisdom into my everyday life!

– Natalie L.

The guidance from the Crystal Wisdom of Colors book couldn’t be more helpful.  Shannon takes you on a journey with this Wisdom with each of the 13 colors.  Learning how each color can influence you, how it helps cultivate what you need, and the signs to look for that tell you that you do need it.  Then she takes you even deeper as she guides you through a meditation to create even more awareness of yourself or a situation in your life that needs healing. I couldn’t recommend this book more and it compliments her first book like a well-fitted glove.  Enjoy the journey!

– Carolyn G.

The book Crystal Wisdom of Colors was such a powerhouse of key information on how to recognize, work with and master your life’s harmony and balance with not just gemstones, but the colors we surround ourselves with. Shannon provides a step by step way to connect to your gemstones that is very user friendly as well as a detailed breakdown of each color. This book helped me to evaluate the journey of my life from such a different perspective. I highly recommend it not only for beginners, but for anyone who enjoys incorporating crystals into your life!

– Sarah M.

Shannon Marie has once again created a truly informative and wonderful book! “The Crystal Wisdom Of Colors” is a true companion to her first book, “Crystal Wisdom: Unearthing The Power Of Gemstones For Positive Life Change”. This time,Shannon goes into detail on how you can incorporate the colors of gemstones and crystals into your life for even further healing and well being! If you are a true lover of gemstones and crystals,this is a “Must Have” book!

– Angela J.

As a Libra moon and rising, working with colors is my jam. Once again, Shannon delivers clear and helpful information on working with crystals. I’m having fun looking back and processing my own story as it relates to the colors I was drawn to at that time. Love this book, good for beginners and beyond.

Ash D.

The Crystal Wisdom of Colors is outstanding. I learned a lot. Shannon Marie is an excellent writer. Her unique way of transmitting her expertise makes things easier to be understood. Reading her books is always such a great experience. I had no idea how interesting the study of colors is. I’m baffled and exited, I’ll make sure to have this book always accessible and to put all the knowledge I acquired to good use. The author explains in a didactic way, The Crystal Wisdom of Colors is rich in information and doesn’t disappoint. You will learn about the wisdom of colors, wisdom of crystals, how colors can influence our body, mind and energy. The author explains what each color represents and teach us a meditation for each color, she also created a mini dictionary of crystals. Oh boy, there are no words to express how amazing this book is. Please, get a copy and read, you won’t regret. The Crystal Wisdom of Colors is life changing.

– Julia M.

After reading this book not only will you understand why you surround yourself with certain colors but you will know what benefits a color can mean and how to use the entire chakra spectrum of colors to improve your daily life. I love studying the symbolism behind stuff and this was definitely a must read for me.

– Sasha G.

I love this book! If you are new to the crystal healing world, and not sure where to start.. start here! She talks colors of the crystals! How they can help heal you! She even lists the stones for you by color and what they mean! It’s so easy to navigate! This is a must have in your collection!

– Shannon W.

Once again Shannon delivers outstanding quality. I love how she teaches you about the different colors, what they signify, and why you’re attracted to certain colors. Shannon is an excellent teacher and brings that same quality to her books. You won’t be disappointed.

Troy G.

I enjoyed reading Crystal Wisdom of Color and I can see myself using this book as a reference for many years to come!    Shannon shares an informative and practical way to tap into your inner wisdom through color and gemstones.  She shares her experiences and how she used color at the time, which makes the information very relatable. I am inspired to include crystals more often in my meditation.  The information is well organized and it is easy to reference a  color, names of crystals of that color, and guided meditation to go along with it.   I am grateful for the guidance for meditation and journaling to explore a variety of emotions, intentions, and life experiences.   The only further info I need will be found on my meditation cushion!

-Amy G.

I am a person that is very drawn to colors and I just adore all crystals yet I am no doubt drawn to crystals of certain colors and that changes from time to time during my life, that being said I was so excited to read Shannon’s newest book in her Crystal Wisdom Series, “The Crystal Wisdom of Colors” It is easy to read and follow. It explains how the color of each crystal relates to aspects of your life and how it can help you along your journey. This book is also very educational when it comes to chakra and Feng Shui practices that I also have been wanting to learn more about. I could go on and on about this book and how informative it is you will not be disappointed!

– Laura T.

This book is amazing! So much more than I expected. I was looking for a resource on crystal colors but wasn’t quite finding what I wanted. The author presented the information in an extremely helpful way which shapes the way I look use crystals and also look at colors more generally. I highly recommend it!

– Ruth M.

Shannon has compiled an essential addition to your metaphysical reference library with this exploration into the therapeutic benefits of color and crystals. Whether you are already knowledgeable about crystals or new to working with their healing energy, you will find this to be both an educational and enjoyable read that offers useful and exciting applications for incorporating color therapy into your spiritual practice. If you love crystals, you absolutely need this companion to your collection!

– Anna C.