How to Use Tiger's Eye
How to Use

How To Use Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye Properties

Tiger’s Eye is a crystal that connects us with the grounding and radiant nature of the Earth. It resonates with the Root and Solar Plexus Chakras to help us find grounded confidence. In this article, you will learn how to use Tiger’s Eye to harness it’s properties of protection, transmuting negativity, and grounding.

Tiger’s Eye Supports….

Here are some of the life situations that can benefit from a Tiger’s Eye practice.

  • Experiencing low self-esteem or Imposter’s Syndrome
  • Need a boost of confidence for an upcoming event
  • Letting your authentic self shine through
  • Rediscover the simple pleasures in your life
  • Appreciating the beauty around you
  • Feeling scattered and need to focus
  • Want to stand tall and firm in a life situation

Tiger’s Eye Properties

This crystal is a stone that resonates with the Root and Solar Plexus Chakras. It connects the bright, radiant energy of the Sun with the strong, depth of energy from the Earth. Working with Tiger’s Eye will enable you to stand rooted and grounded while expanding your confidence like the vast branches of a grand tree. All of the practices described below enable you to use Tiger’s Eye energy to tap into the power of the Sun and Earth.

How to Use Tiger’s Eye

The following Crystal Practices will help you learn how to use Tiger’s Eye to support your everyday life situations and challenges. These exercises are intended to only take a few minutes to help you receive the energy you need to handle the situation.

Using Tiger’s Eye to Increase Confidence

This practice is useful if you are struggling with low self-esteem, Imposter’s Syndrome, or need a boost of confidence for an upcoming event (like a social gathering, speech, or job interview).

  • Hold the Tiger’s Eye in your Sending (dominant) hand.
  • Close your eyes and start taking some slow, deep breathes and settle your awareness into your body.
  • Bring to mind the situation that is causing self-doubt. 
  • In your mind, ask that you release all self-doubt, self-criticism, and hesitation you are holding within.
  • Imagine or intend that it floats away on your breath and dissolved completely.
  • Repeat this for a minute or two until you feel free of the doubt.
  • Move the Honey Calcite to your Receiving hand and imagine you are filling with golden bright radiant light.
  • The confident, radiant energy of the sun is warming and uplifting you.
  • Say to yourself, “I am worthy, qualified, and confident enough to accept positive opportunities into my life.”

Using Tiger’s Eye to Recognize Beauty and Joy

This practice is useful is you are trying to reconnect with the simple pleasures and joys in life. If like is feeling dull, dreary, or stagnant.

  • Hold a piece of Tiger’s Eye in your Receiving (non-dominant) hand.
  • Close your eyes and start taking some slow, deep breathes and settle your awareness into your body.
  • Bring your attention to your breathing. Then draw your attention to the life around you.
  • Ask yourself, “What brings me happiness and joy in life? What small pleasures do I appreciate?”
  • Try to release the desire for your “thinking mind” to figure it out. Allow the answers to arise from your inner wisdom and intuition.
  • After a few examples have appeared for you, make an inner commitment to actively enjoy them this week.

Using Tiger’s Eye for Grounding and Stability

Use this practice if you feel mentally scattered or disconnected, adrift or lost, caught up in the chaos of a current situation, want to cultivate presence and mindfulness, or just want some moments of peace and stillness.

  • Hold a piece of Tiger’s Eye in your Receiving (non-dominant) hand.
  • Bring your attention to how it feels to breath. What are the physical sensations?
  • Bring you awareness to those places on your body that touch the cushion, chair, or floor beneath you. Notice the sensation of your connection to the Earth.
  • Imagine roots growing down into the Earth from your legs or feet.
  • Feel the firm, stable energy to the Earth. The roots will keep your supported and stable.

Learn More about the Benefits of Tiger’s Eye

If you enjoyed learning how to use Tiger’s Eye with these crystal practices – Check out these videos to learn more about the supportive properties of Tiger’s Eye and how it can help you in practical life situations. Experience a guided meditation with Tiger’s Eye to determine if Tiger’s Eye is a gemstone you should explore deeper.

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