How to Use Sunstone
How to Use

How To Use Sunstone

Sunstone Properties

Sunstone is a crystal that connects us with the energies of self-esteem and personal strength. It resonates with the Solar Plexus Chakra to help us awaken and strengthen our sense of Self and how we relate to those around us. In this article, you will learn how to use Sunstone to harness it’s properties to improve confidence, sever attachments, and personal boundaries.

How to Use Sunstone

Sunstone Supports….

Here are some of the life situations that can benefit from a Sunstone practice.

  • Boosting your self-esteem and confidence
  • Increasing courage to be in the spotlight
  • Protects the energy of introverts in social situations
  • Define and enforce your personal boundaries
  • Learn to say, “No.”
  • Sever energetic attachments
  • Heal and strengthen for energetic body and aura

How to Use Sunstone

How to Use Sunstone

The following Crystal Practices will help you learn how to use Sunstone to support your everyday life situations and challenges. These exercises are intended to only take a few minutes to help you receive the energy you need to handle the situation.

Using Sunstone to Boost Confidence

This practice helps you release self-doubt, dispel self-criticism, and increase your confidence.

  • Hold a piece of Sunstone in your Sending (dominant) hand.
  • Start taking some slow, deep breathes and settle your awareness into your body.
  • Bring to mind the situation that is causing self-doubt. 
  • In your mind, ask that you release all self-doubt, self-criticism, and hesitation you are holding within.
  • Imagine or intend that it floats away on your breath and dissolved completely.
  • Repeat this for a minute or two until you feel free of the doubt.
  • Move the Sunstone to your Receiving hand and imagine you are filling with golden bright radiant light.
  • The confident, radiant energy of the sun is warming and uplifting you.
  • Say to yourself, “I am worthy, qualified, and confident enough to accept positive opportunities into my life.”

Using Sunstone to Sever Energetic Attachments

This practice is helpful if you suspect you have energetic attachments clinging to you from another person or a situation. Energetic attachments drain our own energy leaving us feeling tired and weak. Reclaim your energy!

  • Hold the Sunstone in your Receiving (non-dominant) hand.
  • Imagine a light starting to glow at your center. It shines brighter and brighter as it illuminates your aura body.
  • Ask yourself, “Show me the attachments draining my energy.” Attachments often appear as external cords or roots stuck into or wrapped around your aura.
  • As you inhale, imagine the energy at your center growing. As you exhale, flood this inner energy out to your entire aura dissolving any attachments. This may take a few minutes for the cords or roots to disappear.
  • Then, as you exhale, flood the energy out to fill any gaps and strengthening weak areas left from the attachments.
  • Intend that your energy field is strong, whole, and bright. Your own energy will remain within the field and attachments will not be able to grab hold again.

Using Sunstone to Strengthen Personal Boundaries

Use this practice to help you define your personal boundaries, decide with activities are draining your energy, and to compassionately withdraw from those tasks.

  • Hold the Sunstone in your Receiving (non-dominant) hand.
  • Consider the obligations you have committed to or have been requested of you.
  • Ask your Inner Guide, “Which of these tasks make me feel proud and satisfied or are only for me?”
  • Try to release the desire for your thinking mind to figure it out. Allow the answers to arise from your intuition and inner wisdom.
  • Next, ask yourself, “Which of these tasks leave me feeling drained or resentful?”
  • Again, allow your inner wisdom to inform you.
  • Then ask yourself, “How can I compassionately withdraw from those draining tasks?”
  • Imagine a bright shining bubble of energy forming around you giving you the confidence to enforce your boundaries.

Learn More about the Benefits of Sunstone

If you enjoyed learning how to use Sunstone with these crystal practices – Check out these videos to learn more about the supportive properties of Sunstone and how it can help you in practical life situations. Experience a guided meditation with Sunstone to determine if Sunstone is a gemstone you should explore deeper.

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