Crystals for Legal Issues

Crystals for Legal Issues

Are you involved in a legal matter and are looking for crystals and gemstones that can support you? There are a variety of reasons why someone may become involved in a legal issue. These crystals for legal issues can aid you when you may find yourself engaged in the legal system.

  • Traffic tickets
  • Divorce proceedings
  • Child custody
  • Protection order
  • Civil lawsuit
  • Class action lawsuit
  • Victim of a crime
  • Witness to a crime
  • Jury member

Whether you are initiating legal action, are the defendant, or an involved party, these crystals can support you and help you navigate the legal problems.


Hematite is called the Stone of the Mind because it helps us focus, process information, and make conclusions from that information. Often, legal issues can feel scary, overwhelming, or intimidating (or all three simultaneously!). There are often strong emotions involved. Depending on your role in this issue, you could feel angry, sad, scared, nervous, or exhausted (just to name a few). It’s hard to function and make wise choices within a sea of emotions. Also, the amount and complexity of information involved in a lawsuit can make someone’s brain ache. Hematite will help you ground in the present moment, release excess emotion, and objectively focus on the information. It provides the sense of a secure island in the middle of the ocean.


Citrine is the ultimate stone of confidence and success. It is normal to feel scared or full of doubt when navigating the legal waters. Citrine shines bright like the sun and increases self-confidence, self-esteem, and assurance. It ignites motivation, drive, and inspiration. This is also a crystal of abundance and prosperity. It helps you feel that you deserve success. Citrine will inspire creative ideas that will lead to a successful outcome and provide the confidence to stand firm in your decisions and actions.

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye holds within it the energy of stability and confidence. Tiger’s Eye often has veins of Hematite running throughout. It provides all of the grounding and focusing qualities of Hematite. However, Tiger’s Eye is also shiny and golden just like Citrine. It boosts confidence and assurance. Tiger’s Eye is a fantastic combination of both Hematite and Citrine all in one stone. It enables you to feel rooted strongly in the Earth while growing tall and expanding – just like a mighty tree.

Smoky Citrine

Much like Tiger’s Eye, Smoky Citrine combines the qualities of grounding and confidence. Smoky Quartz is a gentle, soothing stone that helps us feel grounded, stable, and nurtured during difficult times. Then, Smoky Citrine embodies all the positive qualities of Citrine, such as increasing confidence, self-esteem, and attracting abundance.

Fire Quartz / Hematoid Quartz

Fire Quartz is a stone that also includes Hematite which causes red, flamelike patterns within the Clear Quartz. This crystal combines the powerful benefits of both Clear Quartz and Hematite. Clear Quartz is the Stone of Amplification and helps to increase focus, clarity, and the energy of other gemstones and intentions. Hematoid Quartz is the ultimate stone of focus and drive. It helps you understand and absorb all the knowledge about the case, make wise choices, and have the drive to follow through.


Much like Tiger’s Eye and Smoky Citrine, Pyrite is a gemstone that is supportive and protective while also boosting confidence. Its unique benefit is assisting with problem solving. If your issue is complicated, or you’re struggling with how to proceed, Pyrite will help you figure it out. This stone enables you to concentrate, maneuver challenges, and move forward with assurance.

Using Crystals for Legal Issues

Choose one or more of these crystals and carry them with you anytime you need to focus on the case. If you’re meeting with a lawyer, reading documents, or appearing in court, these gemstones will support you. Wear as a bracelet, carry on your pocket, or hold them on your non-dominant, receiving hand. If you start to feel tired, overwhelmed, or discouraged, breath in to receive the energy of the gems.

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