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Angelite Meditation Instructions

The crystal Angelite is incredibly helpful for awakening intuition, connecting with your spirit guides, and receiving guidance. Angelite it is a stone that helps us connect with the heavens – the Divine – in whatever way that we embrace the Divine in our practice. For you, the Divine might be Angels, spirit guides, ancestor spirits, deities of various religions, your Higher Self, or the Universe. Some higher force that is guiding and protecting you. If you to strengthen your relationship with your personal guides and to recognize their messages, Angelite can help. Sit with Angelite to ask your guides for assistance and receive their wisdom.

Angelite Daily and Spontaneous Practice Printable Instructions

View the following video for details on how to use Angelite for Receiving Guidance. Then print the Angelite Meditation Instructions (download link above) to help guide you open to more possibilities.


For more detailed information about Daily and Spontaneous Crystal Practices, read my book “Crystal Wisdom: Unearthing the Power of Gemstones for Positive Life Change”

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