Chakras and Crystal Healing

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Join in for an exciting, 20 video series about Chakras and Crystal Healing! I’ll be reviewing 9 different Chakras, how imbalance manifests in your life and which gemstones will help bring your energetic system back into balance! Each chakra will receive an in-depth instructional video, followed by a guided meditation video, and you’ll have access to a private Facebook Group to discuss the information and your experiences!

In this Course you will learn:

  • The emotional domain for each Chakra
  • The symptoms of blocked and overactive chakras
  • Which crystals can support chakra health and balancing
  • A guided crystal meditation to help you gain insight into each chakra

You will receive:

  • 10 in-depth Chakra Videos
  • 10 Crystal Chakra guided meditations
  • Course Completion Certificate

The contents of this course are available Free on YouTube, but I have also compiled it here as an Online Course for those who would like to achieve Certificate Credit for watching the entire series. The cost of the Completion Certificate is $10 which is paid upon enrollment in this course. You can, of course, continue to watch all of the videos free on YouTube if you do not want a completion certificate.

Chakras and Crystal Healing Facebook Group:

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“Shannon Marie thank you so much my dear! I just started meditating 7 months ago, and started learning about my chakras and each crystal that helps balance it a couple months ago. This 20 videos series I just discovered is an absolute GEM of GEMs! Wow, Thank you so much for this offering and for teaching us so kindly. I love your expertise in the subject and I am truly enjoying your channel. Just wanted to tell you how much I truly appreciate you holding this space for us and for your amazing videos. I am wearing a different crystal each day for each chakra (Monday-Friday one for each). It’s so fun and healing to learn about this.” – Talal T.

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Posted 2 months ago
Everything you need to know

It was well mapped. The course flowed nicely. The material was presented in a clear and informative manner. Anyone wanting to educate themselves more on their spiritual journey would benefit. Great class.

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Posted 7 months ago
I learned how to support the different chakras using self-awareness and by selecting the best corresponding gemstones for each.

This class greatly supported a long-term creative project that I am working on. Also, I am beginning my study to become a certified gemologist and I wanted the background of the spiritual and psychological aspects of gemstones as a foundation to my gemology studies and education. Thank you for this informative class.

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Posted 10 months ago
Chakra Crystal Healing

Excellent course !! I will definitely be taking more courses here !! Thank you !!

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Posted 12 months ago
Very Enlightening

Very enlightening! Interesting the learn about the Chakra color wheel (opposite colors).

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Posted 1 year ago
Great course!

I’m so glad I chose to take this course with Shannon! It opened my eyes to a bunch of different questions that can really explore the needs of each chakra system. Thank you!

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Posted 1 year ago
Excellent Learning Experience

This course was presented in an organized and clear manner which made it most helpful for learning. It included all seven chakras and also the foot and hand chakras. I found the meditations were helpful not only for learning about the crystal but also for connecting with the crystal. Nicely done!

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