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Welcome to this Crystal Reiki Online Certification Course! Adding crystals and gemstones to your Reiki Practice is a powerful way to enhance and expand your Reiki sessions. This is a method that does not require an extensive crystal collection – only 9 gemstones are required to get you started! **Gemstones are not required to participate in this course – you will learn about which ones to choose in the course.

In this Crystal Reiki Certification course you will learn:

  • How gemstone energy works
  • Gemstone energy sensing exercises
  • Gemstone care techniques
  • The tools you need to get started
  • Which gemstones to add to your collection
  • Three unique Crystal Reiki Treatments

You will receive:

  • 12 modules of Crystal Reiki content that include instructions, energy exercises, treatment instructions, and demos
  • Complete Crystal Reiki Course Manual PDF
  • Course Completion Certificate

NOTE: This course is designed for those who already have at least a Reiki 1 attunement. (It can be with any teacher, not necessarily though my courses.) There will be no additional empowerments or attunements given during this class. I will also be discussing the Reiki symbols taught during the Reiki Level 2 course. If you have not yet taken a Reiki Level 2 course and are unfamiliar with the symbols, just perform the exercises in this course using the general Reiki energy flow you learned in Reiki Level 1.

If you are interested in taking Reiki Level 1 or 2, you can find those online courses available at the following links:

Reiki Level 1 Certification

Reiki Level 2 Certification

Chakras & Crystal Healing Course

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Posted 7 days ago
Very good class !!

Wonderful course and very well tought !! I'm looking forward to learning more from Shannon in the near future. Thank you so much !!

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Posted 2 weeks ago
Great Teacher

I absolutely loved this course. Shannon is a great teacher and I loved her pace!

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Posted 1 month ago

Shannon is great and this course is so very helpful. Thank you, Shannon!

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Allison Moroz
Posted 3 months ago
Easy to follow...videos are not too lengthy

I love Shannon's approach and her willingness to help and answer questions from emails.

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Posted 4 months ago
Beautiful gemstone energy

I once had a gemstone chakra clearing that was incredible. I was always overwhelmed by the amount of information on gems but this course piqued my interest to feel subtle energy emitted by crystals and tap into and trust the intelligence of attraction. Sensing and caring for gemstones in daily life and in conjunction with my energy healing practice has my heart. Shannon puts it all into words!

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Posted 4 months ago
Reiki + Crystals

I've always like Crystals and Reiki had helped me in many ways. This course opens up a way to apply my Reiki to crystals. The quick cleanse and charge of crystal is really helpful.

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Posted 4 months ago
Adding crystals to a Reiki session add a new vibrational method that enhances it.

I loved the class. It was very informative in using crystals, which crystals and how to prep them.

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